Ministers Only Conference Vision

The apostle Paul prophesied that the last days would be so dangerous that Christians would abandon the Faith. Day by day, his prophecy grows by leaps and bounds. Even Jesus expressed during His earthly ministry, the way that leads to heaven is narrow and few be that find it. To help provide stability in the Church, God has given Bishop Ed Johnson a passion for assisting ministers to maintain their passion for full gospel living and preaching. 

Many non-denominational pastors lack the time, energy, and resources to pour into their ministerial staff properly.  One of the other challenges would be the many subjects not covered in seminary due to cultural and denominational differences. Ministers Only Conference seeks to fill a void to ensure that pastors have adequate help and faithful help. Please know that considerable thought and prayer were given to class topics and speakers with the minister and pastor relationship in mind. One of our primary objectives is each minister leaving more confident in the execution of their duties than before they came.  

We are inviting you to join in with our prayer and fasting schedule. Our responsibilities to the Church don't afford us the luxury of being self-willed, but instead continuing the pursuit of God through sacrificial living. Your call carries eternal repercussions, as you will be rewarded eternally for all of the success you have achieved.  This success comes by way of many hardships, persecutions, and sacrifices. Take vacation time if you must to be present and fully engaged in this move and incubator of Christ. Pray with us. Fast with us. Learn with us. Exhort His name with us. We are dedicating this time investing in ourselves to serve Him and His people better.

I hope to see you there!

Bishop Ed Johnson

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