Great prayer and consideration have been given to the 12 classes offered in our 2020 Ministerial School of Ministry. Every effort has been taken to provide students with quality information that can be implemented immediately. Our primary goal is to positively impact the students to make them better ministers for their local assembly. We are purposefully targeting smaller and newer churches where, for the most part, pastors struggle with ministerial development because of the demands of life and the church. We have assembled a team of pastors, ministers, and educators who will pour into you and release you back to your leaders to serve. Students that participate to the fullest will leave with 7 hours of sound biblical teaching, choosing from 4 of the 12 classes, and over 5 hours of gospel preaching to reignite and keep their lamps trimmed and burning. 


The instructors for our 2020 Ministerial School of Ministry are all well-read and well versed in their areas of study. All come with collegiate or seminary experience, along with years of Christian experience. All the instructors were chosen because of their passion for the subject matter they have been asked to teach. These teachers can be trusted with your spiritual education. Each teacher is known for rooting and grounding believers in the Faith.


You don’t want to miss one class or one preacher! Adjust your work schedules or take vacation time. Invest in your call and stand out from others that are serving.  While the Friday night service is free and open to the public, the School of Ministry is limited to 225 registrants. Once we have reached capacity, registration will be closed. We encourage you to register early!




1.       Bible Study Tools - Pastor Terry Castle, Instructor

The call to ministry doesn’t translate into automatically knowing how to rightfully divide the Word of truth. The fact of the matter is the minister must be open to continuous learning.  We want to aid the minsters of the gospel with practical strategies and insights on how to effectively study the Word of God. Ministers that lack depth in understanding necessary for proper preaching and to disciple members will struggle severely with their call.  We are offering this class to jumpstart your study time.  We want to help expand your knowledge base of the Word, and impact the quality of your preaching, teaching, and service.

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2.       God-Devotion 101 - Bishop Ed Johnson, Instructor

Oftentimes, ministers are called to preach the gospel during very consecrated times or at after some tragedy that then leads them to those times of close fellowship. Sadly, due to the cares of this life, many preachers eventually fall away from their close relationship with God.  They lose their devotion.  Teaching and preaching from their gifts and talents, but not from the anointing that comes from continued fellowship with God. This class is a refresher for some and a revelation to others.  It gives attendees the tools needed to rekindle and maintain their fire for the Lord. It was the apostle Paul, through his admonishment to Timothy, who informed us of the gospel being seasonal to the hearers, but he told the young preacher to maintain his fervency for the gospel regardless. The tools presented in this class will help ministers develop a consecrated life that can be easily duplicated.


3.       Working with Leadership - Apostle A. H. Ross, Instructor

We are exploring and understanding the unique relationship between the pastor and the ministerial staff. We believe that having a working knowledge of the dynamics of this relationship will help ministers find their place within the vision (and help the pastor bring it to fruition). We are endeavoring to teach the ministers how important it is to transition from basic membership, with so much of its obligation falling on senior leadership, to a more balanced association where ministers are a part of the solution -- being an asset to the local assembly.  We will take attendees through scenarios and written examples to give them a perspective of how to recognize and handle small matters as well as how to recognize situations that need to be passed on to and addressed by those in higher authority.


4.       Defending The Faith/Christology - Pastor Elvira Craig

The Church has become overridden with heresy, error, and apostasy, just as Paul communicated in his writings to Timothy two thousand years ago. The only antitoxin for Christians is their belief in Jesus as the Scripture has said!  We are reverse engineering apologetics by first providing students with the information they need about The Faith and then introducing them to many of the mainstream false religions' belief systems.  As the world religions continue their amalgamation into a one-world religion, we must provide ministers with the gospel truth of Jesus as God, Messiah, and King.  Sadly, we are also under attack from within, so we must also deal with the so-called “church” that is introducing erroneous liberties to sectors of the Church.  We want to help pastors in keeping their sheep by empowering this first line of defense – the ministers. Our primary objective with this class is to make them defenders, shields to protect the sheep!


5.     Teaching With Authority - Min. Wonderland Hudson, Instructor
The importance of the Word of God cannot be overemphasized. You can’t hear without the preacher, and you can’t learn without the teacher. Learning is paramount for the minister of God as it is their ecclesiastical responsibility to attend to the rooting and grounding of members of the Body of Christ. This class focuses on developing the student-teacher into the mirror image of the Supreme Teacher, Jesus.  Dealing with the difference between teaching from legalistic interpretations, as the religious rulers of Jesus time did, but rather from the Holy Spirit as Christ modeled.  The objective of the class is not bible study but more so ministerial-character development, for the interactions, patience, and integrity needed for working with the sheep of the local assembly.   We want ministers to maintain ministerial credibility with the members, the pastor, and the Great Head of The Church.


6.     Moral Turpitude - Pastor Marilyn Johnson
The definition of the term moral turpitude is a serious violation of acceptable community standards.   What does that have to do with the Church?  The Church is not autonomous; it resides within the local community.  The Church is not exempt from ethics; as a matter of fact, it should be the community torchbearers of it.  Along with discussing inappropriate behaviors, the class will also discuss the importance of behaving wisely, especially in this wicked and litigious society in which we currently live.  We will also discuss the ramifications of enablers and complicity, so the Church is not guilty of acting as a blue-shield or turning a blind eye.  Ministers must be aware of how their personal lives reflect upon the ministry and how important it is for them to take steps regarding personal accountability for falling into sin, not to fall into sin areas, as well as taking steps to remove themselves from service until they regain the ability to manage their flesh.  Also, the instructor will take students through written scenarios to give them a sense of the dangers that lurk around unwise, unaware, and ill-prepared people regardless of their pure intentions.


7.      Soul Winning - Bishop Walter Pope

Most people don’t share their faith because they are uncomfortable with the process – even ministers! For the most part, personality and training can be the culprit. We are removing the guilt and shame many soul-winners lay upon those that don’t have their same zeal for souls. We are equipping ministers with strategies to initiate their soul-winning ministries and a little practice, so they need to overcome their fear of sharing their faith. We will also help them to frame rejection as not to take it personally when sinners resist our God, thereby feeding into the spirit of fear.  Lastly, we will launch a year-long Soul-Winning Campaign that will continue until MOC2021.  We will provide help and encouragement through our website and Facebook page to push you beyond your doubts and insecurities. We want to ignite the passion for soul-winning to fill the House of God and the Kingdom of His Dear Son, as we are ever approaching the Great Day of The Lord. 


8.     Ministerial Continuum - Bishop John Gordon
We consider all of the classes required, relevant, and impactful, but this is one of the more crucial subjects as it dives into the ministerial continuum.  We want to make sure ministers understand the fundamentals of their calls and what they should be working on next.   As leaders retire, pass on, and even fall from grace, promotion is inevitable!  Contrary to some modern-day teachings, vessels in the Lord's House don't decide their usefulness, that falls squarely within the purview of The Creator.  While some may not be called to pastor,  having students understand where the current track could take them is extremely important to us.  Why? Because you never know the whole plan of God, even for your life.  Be ready!  The instructor will provide ministers with the basic requirements of ministers-in-training, ministers, and elders, tools for next-level promotion, and cover some of the greatest mistakes made by ministers working with pastors, laymen, and other ministries.


9.      Pulpit Etiquette - Darian Lewis

There is one Lord, one faith and one baptism, but just as the gifts of the Spirit differ, each church has its own unique expression and liturgy.  We are going to provide students with a Call to Worship of each major Christian denomination and information on how to navigate it,  just in case, while on assignment to preach, they are called on to participate outside of sermon delivery. The instructor will also go through a list of do’s, don’ts, and suggestions for the minister on assignment as to not offend leadership or the congregants. Young or inexperienced ministers are already nervous preaching at a different location, and seasoned ministers can become too comfortable! We want them to represent the Faith well, as well as their church and themselves. 


10.  Discipling Members - Pastor Derrick Spearman

God told Moses to find individuals to help him manage the people.  Not just anyone.  He required him to find people with temperament and prior experience.  Having the students understand their unique proximity as it relates to the pastor and the responsibilities it brings is the primary focus of this class.  One of those responsibilities is the discipleship of members. The elephant in the room would be the mistrust many pastors feel regarding this subject.  Although that mistrust is there, the pastor can't function successfully in their role without adequate help.   Our goal is to help ministers develop a healthy relationship with their pastors, so all parties are comfortable with the extended discipleship concept. Also, along with providing information on how to disciple members, we will provide a list of do’s and don’ts.  We want ministers to maintain their integrity and the confidence of their pastor. 


11.  The Personalities - Sharon Jenkins
Unknown to most people, God has purposely and sovereignly given everyone their personality.  And they share that particular personality with so many other people wired to think, respond, and work just like them! This class will help ministers better understand themselves, become a better-adjusted and happier person. It will also help them identify relationship problems, solve some relationship problems, enhance their careers, and turn negative traits into gifts. Now imagine that person handling the sheep; having greater compassion for the weaknesses of the very people they are called to serve.  What kind of impact would that have on the congregation?  With the information given, ministers will have a better knowledge of how to motivate and even develop members into stronger believers.   This class is no short than life-changing!


12.  Knowing Your Spiritual Gifts - Pastor Marilyn Johnson

Much like the Personality Class, the Spiritual Gifts class deals with the deposit made by God Himself into every human being.  That's right!  Even unbelievers cannot escape the power and graciousness of God equipping everyone with the ability to serve one another. The motivational gifts of Romans 12 are opened to students never like before, as the instructor explains each gift and provides a test to help students identify their top three gifts. And, the instructor will then help students understand how they work and how to manage the positive and negative traits associated with them. This class will revolutionize the ministry of each student as they become aware of the deposits God made before birth.